Habits of a fit woman

Published by: Daniela GymFreak
This is not a science-based text. These are the habits of a fit and strong woman. Some are useful, some are also a bit funny, as none of us is perfect and we all have our own whims.
You may learn something new, you may also recognize yourself in some. However, do not forget that no one is perfect and that we can always find something perfect in everything.

  1. I often change the training routine, since the body responds better to changes.
  2. Before summer, when I should reduce my calorie intake, I usually gain three kilograms in a week, as I try to eat everything I will later need to give up.
  3. I plan my training according to my hairstyle. If I have freshly washed hair, I will not go running.
  4. When I go on a business trip I prepare all the meals for the following few days (from cereals for breakfast to chicken and vegetables, cooked eggs, low-fat cheese, casein ... everything). This is a bit tiring, but planning meals is the key to success.
  5. I always hav in my car a training pad, kettlebells, hand weights, stretch straps ... in case I decide to have an outdoor training.
  6. I lie to myself that sweet porrdidge is a healthy and proper dinner (if it's good for children, it's certainly good for me too).
  7. I reduced the salt intake to a minimum and replaced it with healthy spices, such as cayenne pepper, lemon, turmeric, cinnamon, mustard ...
  8. When I have strong PMS symptoms, I do my training outdoors, alone, to spare my fitness mates with my bad mood. At the same time, I have a chance to recharge in the woods or by the sea.
  9. I always run with my dog – and kill two birds with one stone, do the training and have a walk with my dog, therefore spare time.
  10. I love summer to get some sun tan and hide my cellulite and emphasize the muscles.
  11. When I shower I always do the massage with hot-cold water, as I find it beneficial against cellulite.
  12. I have green tea every morning, because it promotes metabolism.
  13. Before training, I always look at the Instagram of my idols for additional motivation.
  14. My friends complain about my gas problems because I eat huge amounts of eggs and casein.
  15. I never skip warm up phase and muscle activation at the beginning of training.
  16. I don't skip exercises that are difficult for me or which I don't like, because I think these are the ones that need most attention to make progress.
  17. Before training, I take caffeine tablets to wake me up and start running.
  18. Every time I stuff myself with food, I check if my abdominal muscles are still there.
  19. I never do crunches, because there are so many better exercises for a flat and sexy stomach, which at the same time also reinforce the core.
  20. I listen to my body and make a few days break, when I feel overtrained (forcing, in fact, produces an opposite effect).
  21. I use foam roller regularly.
  22. Aside from "cheat day" I also have episodes usually with my PMS, when I eat too much, but I never feel guilty about it!
  23. I decided to have a »treat yourself day« once a month (or according to my financial capabilities), to reward myself for all the hard work and sacrifice.  
No less important
Don't bother yourself too much with details and don't make too many sacrifices. Enjoy  your progress and everything that it brings. Don't expect instant results, and don't fall for commercials and diets that promise them. Only consistency, persistence and effort will get you results.
To conclude with a motivational message: Weights cause women to get »huge«. This is a LIE! Cupcakes, cakes and snacks cause women to get huge. :)
Greetings from Daniela!
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