Events recently acquired Battery Nutrition

Published by: Vesna Šavs
We are proud to announce that ROLnet d.o.o. recently acquired Battery Nutrition Limited, the owner of the Battery Nutrition brand.
In the world of fitness and sports, Battery Nutrition is acknowledge as a brand that represents power, stability, high quality and optimal results.
Battery Nutrition is also a brand that never rests, but is constantly searching, exploring, making new plans and paving new paths in the world of healthy sports nutrition.
Their added value is definitely their "low price - high performance" ratio, which means that Battery Nutrition offers the highest quality products for the lowest possible prices!
How do they make this possible? They put a lot of attention to the optimization of packaging and marketing costs, and rather spend saved money for product quality, and to provide customers a competitive low price. The customer has never before been offered so much for such a favourable price, as with Battery Nutrition brand.
Laboratory analysis have further confirmed the quality of ingredients that are stated on their product labels. Therefore, they also invite you to convince yourself about the quality of their products, as they are convinced that there exists no other similar brand with such a high quality at such a low price. Just as you should not take any compromises on what you are consuming, Battery Nutrition does not make any, when quality of ingredients of their products is considered. And they believe this is the right thing to do, and only this will be their mantra in the future!
But Battery Nutrition doesn’t stop here. With their products, they want and successfully manage to meet the specific needs and goals of their users. A wide range of products covers practically all categories: pre-workout products, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, fat burners, gainers, energy boosters, healthy food products, as well as products for strengthening the heart, blood vessels, bones and joints, and products for better sleep and full body regeneration. They even thought about those who have a sweet tooth, and produced a line of guilt-free food products.
Battery Nutrition products are sold exclusively by Rolnet d.o.o. in the online store and in all Shops across Slovenia and Ex-YU countries, and from 2018 on also outside EU, worldwide.
We invite you to join many satisfied users on a journey of an amazing and surprising experience, and contribute to the confirmation of good, precise and thoughtful work of Battery Nutrition that works with one thing and one thing only in its mind – and that is YOU. Because we care about you and we put you FIRST!
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