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I would be the first one to argue that the beauty of all of us lies in small imperfections. However, I also think that we should pay special attention to our body and our wellbeing. I would like to share with you my own top 5 selection of dietary supplements that you needn’t be afraid of.
When in their 20s, women take their health and beauty for granted. In their thirties, when the first wrinkles appear and the results of training are less obvious, we begin to be aware of our transience. Because of the responsibilities connected to family, job and home, we have less time for ourselves, nevertheless some of us manage to find time for special rituals to preserve our spirituality, and devote special care to a healthy way of living and beauty.

Therefore, after the thirties, a special attention should be paid to choosing proper dietary supplements. In addition to helping us improve the results of the training, we can, with the right choice of dietary supplements, influence our vitality, level of energy and even youthful appearance. And while men often exaggerate with the use of dietary supplements, women are often too afraid to use them, for one reason or another.

“It’s just chemicals” … I hear them say often. At the same time, they forget that in fact, food from Mc'Donalds or processed foods contain much more chemistry. Food supplements are not miraculous but are small and yet powerful allies in your everyday life.
And even if you eat healthy and properly, stress, physical activity, smoking and oral contraception will greatly increase your organism's needs for certain nutrients.

I recommend you always check the supplements you are about to take with three different information sources – your doctor, your trainer and the vendor.
Before choosing dietary supplements, I advise you to first consult your trainer. He knows best what your goals are, and which supplements will help you best to improve your results. team in shops and in online store will also give you useful advice, however in case you have any medical condition that needs opinion from your doctor, consult your doctor first, before starting to use any of the supplements.

Below I will present the combination that I use most often and for which I think is a great base. The food supplements I use depend on the season, the needs of my organism and my goals. You need to keep in mind that you need to take the supplements a certain period of time to benefit from all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so you need to be consistent and persistent with the taking. Nothing comes overnight.
Many of the supplements I will present hereinafter will benefit you even if you do not train, however, I would definitely recommend that you include also physical activity in your daily routine. Believe me, it will pay off!

1. OMEGA 3 fatty acid
Why should you take them? Because they help you lower your “bad” cholesterol, reduce the chance of heart attack, help in the functioning of the nervous system, reduce inflammation in the body, protect joints, improve immune system, assist in the prevention of malignant diseases, promote recovery after training, help with skin diseases – make skin and hair more beautiful and shiny, increase the ability to learn - they are an excellent nutritional supplement for children, they are also recommend for pregnant women (I had been taking them throughout my pregnancy). Our body cannot produce essential fatty acids, therefore, it is necessary to enter them with food. If you rarely eat blue fish or seafood, this is a must-have supplement.

2. ZMA
The main reason why athletes take the combination of zinc and magnesium, is its ability to affect the quality of sleep and thus the body recovery. Thus, this supplement is convenient also for all women, mothers, queens, that need to take maximum advantage of short hours of rest and to have a good quality sleep.

3. GREEN TEA in capsules
Women love it because it accelerates metabolism and fat burning process, helps fight cellulite, is a good natural diuretic and a powerful antioxidant.

vitamin C is the most researched and most widely known vitamin. You probably use it when you get sick due to flu or when you catch a cold. Well, I use it every day. Beside having a strong positive effect on your immune system, vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the formation of collagen and tissue regeneration. In high doses it can help reduce the level of stress hormone (cortisol). Taking vitamin C will help you keep your vitality and youthful appearance, which is, let’s admit it, one of our main goals, right?

Whey protein powders are proteins in powder form that derive from whey. I always have a whey protein shake after training, due to its rapid absorption. Women often want to enjoy protein, but are not exactly sure how, because they don’t understand well the scientific texts that describe their characteristics. To help you understand it, I’ll put it this way: while you’re training, small damages to muscle tissue develop. And to recover from these micro-injuries and to growth, muscles demand a sufficient amount of protein. Of course, training increases the body's need for protein. If one would significantly increase the intake of meat, eggs and similar protein rich food, he would overload his organism. That is why we athletes use concentrated protein powders. These are no black magic or scary chemistry shit, but just protein enriched powders that will improve the ratio of micronutrients in your daily diet.

The second question that women often ask themselves and I ask me is, when should they take the protein shakes. I suggest you have one serving with your cereals at breakfast and one serving after training or even during training, if you have a long and strenuous training. Two servings a day should be enough. I love to add protein to my smoothies, because they add to the taste and to protein content. The best discovery of this summer was ice coffee with protein. I added 2 tablespoons of instant coffee and one scoop of vanilla protein to 1,5 dcl of milk, and mixed everything in a blender. It was very delicious and refreshing.
Remember also that your hair, nails, skin, eyes and other body organs are made of protein, beside muscles. As with everything else, also with taking food supplements a golden rule applies and that is: moderation! Two scoops a day are perfectly enough. Do not exaggerate!

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