Loyalty points

Each product in our online shop (with the exception of few items from special offer) brings you a certain number of loyalty points which can be redeemed at your next purchase and can thus decrease the value of your purchase, or you can choose to collect them for a longer period. In later case, the points you earn with each purchase are adding up, and you can track and monitor them in the section "My Account". Below you can find more information on earning and redeeming loyalty points.

By purchasing Battery Whey Protein you earn 33 loyalty points.

Special offer product Battery VIT&MIN brings you no loyalty points.

When you submit the purchase order in the section "My Account" the loyalty points appear as “waiting for checkout”.

When the ordered goods are paid for and collected, the points are added to your account.

At the next order your loyalty points can be redeemed to lower the total amount of your purchase by clicking in the box "Use xx points and lower the total amount for xx EUR".

When choosing a reduced payment with loyalty points, your loyalty points are deducted as soon as the order is submitted.

The value of your individual purchase may be lowered at maximum 50% (shipping costs excluded). Remaining points and points earned from the current purchase are added to your account.
Loyalty points converted into EUR value are always deducted from the purchase value that doesn't include the shipping.

In case of cancellation of the purchase, the loyalty points waiting to be redeemed are returned to your account.

1 point = 1 cent
100 points = 1 EUR