• 100% beta-alanine in powder form
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Allows for longer and more demanding training
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Minimal exhaustion, more performance and maximum power!
Besides the right nutrition and the intensity level of your training, fast and effective muscle growth depends on the number of repetitions and the length of your units of training. Usually, the body is prevented by the onset of muscle exhaustion from continuing for long enough for fast and effective muscle growth to occur. The harder you train, the faster your muscles are exhausted. Beta Alanin by IronMaxx resolves this, and allows you to repeat long and intensive training units several times, no matter how brutal they are!

Huge increases in regenerative capacity!
Beta Alanin by IronMaxx is one of the few supplements which have been proven to be able to reduce muscle exhaustion. An excess of beta alanine in the body significantly increases the level of carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine works effectively against over-acidification, the main cause of exhaustion. For this reason, Beta Alanin by IronMaxx is a highly effective performance enhancer which starts working after the first dose. It can be used whenever long, brutal exertion is required.

New studies have shown that beta alanine can increase nitric oxide (NO) concentration. Particularly in combination with Plasmaburn by IronMaxx, Beta Alanin by IronMaxx is an unbeatable NO booster which will redefine your 'pump'. Under the influence of NO, your muscle cells will really explode, because NO gives the muscle cells the crucial signal to start growing, kick-starting protein synthesis. Even during the most brutal training, you'll experience more power, more muscle 'pump' and full veins.

Mix one teaspoon of Beta Alanin by IronMaxx (equivalent portion size: 4g) in water. Beta Alanin by IronMaxx is nearly flavour-neutral, and so it can be added to weight-gain products or protein shakes. Take one portion five minutes before training.
100% beta alanine powder

May contain traces of lactose, soy and gluten.

Nutrition information of BETA ALANINE POWDER

Ingredientsper 100g
Energy1807 kJ/432 kcal
Protein0 g
Carbohydrates0 g
Fat0 g
Beta Alanine100,0 g
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