• Protein chips with 42% protein
  • Low-sugar (only 3%)
  • Low-fat (below 6%)
  • 21 g of protein per bag
  • Tasty paprika flavor
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Light and tasty, and completly guilt-free snack!
Protein chips from IronMaxx now offers pure enjoyment without feeling bad about it, since it contains plenty of protein. But can chips really be healthy? Well, for many chips and snacks lovers, a healthy chips id just a dream, but now IronMaxx has made this dream come true! This protein chips is baked - not deep-fried and, thanks to its balanced, healthy formula with a 42% protein content, it delivers a total of 20 g of high quality protein per bag. IronMaxx Protein Chips is also low-fat and low-sugar, while having a full paprika taste! With less than 6% fat this chips contain even up to 80% less fat than conventional fried potato chips! And with only 3% sugar this protein chips ranks among low-carb snacks. Thus, it makes a valuable contribution to a healthy and varied diet - without any feeling of guilt.

Quality from IronMaxx
Of course, even healthy chips is not a substitute for a balanced diet. However, with the protein chips from IronMaxx, "snacking" is no longer part of your "cheat day", when you eat something that usually makes you feel bad about it, but this protein chips instead helps you meet your daily protein needs! In a healthy & tasty way!
Nutrition information of IRONMAXX PROTEIN CHIPS
  Per 100g
Energy 1368 kJ/ 327 kcal
Fat 5,7 g
of which saturates
0,6 g
Carbohydrates 26,9 g
of which sugars
2,7 g
Protein 42,0 g
Salt 2,1 g
Soya protein isolate, rehydrated fava beans, potato flakes (18,7%), potato starch, sunflower oil, flavor, salt. May contain traces of gluten.
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