• Wooden balance board designed to practice various exercises
  • Strengthening of different muscle groups
  • Increased joint stability (knee, ankle)
  • Improving balance and concentration
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Balance board was designed to practice various exercises that strengthen different muscle groups and improve body balance, strength, functionality and concentration. These so-called proprioception exercises were in the past used for rehabilitation purposes mainly, but are nowadays becoming increasingly popular in preventive exercise programs and fitness training.

The effects of proprioceptive exercise are:
  • Faster and more powerful reflex action
  • Increased joint stability (knee, ankle)
  • Reduced risk of injuries
  • Better body awareness
  • More accurate movement
  • More explosiveness

You can use the wooden balance board to perform:
  • Ankle exercises
  • Knee exercises
  • Shoulder exercises
  • Core exercises

In order to increase and/or maintain the efficacy of proprioception, proprioception exercise should be constant throughout the period, in addition we should gradually increase its difficulty (from easy to difficult) and complexity (from simple to complex), and introduce new exercises to those already mastered. Every basic exercise can be carried out in many different ways, extended further, by adding complexity to training repertoire. You can always make modifications to the existing exercises that make it more difficult or easier to practice. Once a certain exercise is mastered, it makes sense to proceed to the next level, a more difficult one, in order to progress.

  • Diameter: 40 cm
  • Material: durable birch wood, covered with non-slip surface
  • Colour: natural wood
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