• Tool for strengthening Core and other stabilizing muscles
  • AB wheel upgrade, with pedals
  • Also suitable for home training
  • Provides an unlimited number of exercises
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The Power Wheel is the advanced version of the classic Ab wheel. It's a simple but incredibly effective tool for strengthening the Core. Strong Core not only helps in the development of power and balance, but also helps to prevent injuries.

You can hold the wheel with your hands or put feet into pedals, and thus perform a number of functional exercises for the Core, abs, lower back and all other deep stabilizer muscles. Power wheel allows you to also strengthens the chest and thigh muscles, arms and back lower leg muscles.

Core training for beginners (Roll outs): Hold the training wheel with both hands, slowly stretch forward from the knee position, then move back to the starting position, using your muscles. This exercise is perfect for your torso, abs, chest, triceps and shoulders. The more advanced version of this exercise is to do it standing on your feet.

Lower body training for moderate to very advanced users (Leg lifts and Curls): Lay on your back and put your feet into the pedals. By squeezing leg and glutes muscles, pull the heels towards your body, all the way to your glutes, at the same time raising your torso.

Upper body training (Push ups, Crawls, Pike ups): Put the legs in the pedals and try to "walk" with your hands forward or backward, or perform push-ups from this position. With exercise options that vary from mild to downright wild, this Power wheel is the perfect piece of equipment for all fitness levels.

  • Material: polypropylene, iron, foam, rubber, nylon
  • Diameter: 53 cm
  • Wheel diameter: 31 cm
  • Colour: black
  • With pedals and secure feet straps
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