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Dietary supplements for weight loss

Dietary supplements for weight loss

The producers promise us miracles, but do dietary supplements really work? Which are the substances that actually have an impact on weight loss?

By: Denis Muić - LCHF

Category: Tips


The most reliable and proven methods for weight loss are diet and physical activity. But since many people have difficulty achieving visible results with only these two methods, they are looking for a faster and easier way to accelerate and facilitate the elimination of excess body fat, and that is through dietary supplements called FAT BUNERS. Fat burners usually consist of a combination of several ingredients in various doses. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are not scientifically proven, moreover, many of them are ineffective at sustaining weight loss. However, some of them actually speed up metabolism, suppress appetite and provide energy for intense physical activity. Among these active ingredients we can find CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), cayenne pepper, Garcinia Cambogia, bitter orange, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, raspberry ketones, green coffee and green tea.
The higher is the number of different active ingredients present in the formulation, the more effective the dietary supplement is.
Also, we shouldn’t forget about ! These are the basis for the correct functioning of the organism, which is the basis for successful weight loss. Nowadays, everyone should take care of quality vitamin and mineral supplement intake, since the food from our grocery stores is so depleted that it is practically impossible to fully satisfy the body's need for vitamins and minerals only with regular food. Furthermore, adding a gram or two of vitamin C daily to your diet, will provide you with enough energy to cope with everyday stress.
To lose fat we should significantly reduce the intake of carbohydrates, which results in the elimination of water from our body. Consequently, minerals are secreted from our body, especially sodium and magnesium. Lack of minerals can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy and muscle cramps. To prevent this, we should consume enough liquids, add extra salt to our dishes, in addition, it is recommended that we take magnesium dietary supplements, since nowadays most population is deficient in magnesium.

Another dietary supplement is also essential, and these are omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a number of important processes in the human body. Since the body cannot produce them by itself, they need to be introduced through the diet. A rich source of omega-3 are fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines), but there is only a small percent of people who eat enough fish to be able to provide a sufficient amount of these fatty acids through food only. Therefore, it is recommended to add extra omega-3 fatty acids to our diet, in the form of dietary supplements, ranging from one to three grams at each meal.
To sum up, nutritional supplements can significantly help in losing weight, but the basis is still a change in diet (more can be found in the article HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST?) and physical activity.