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5 biggest weight loss mistakes

5 biggest weight loss mistakes

Nowadays it seems like everyone is on some kind of diet, trying to lose weight or get into shape. And some are really going for the extremes that can be sometimes really dangerous. There exist many mistakes that people make when they want to get rid of those extra pounds, today we shall focus on the TOP 5.

By: Denis Muić - LCHF

Category: Tips


Mistake #1:           COUNTING CALORIES
»If you want to lose weight, you have to count calories and eat low-fat food«. NO WAY! Not all calories are the same. Calories of different origin are metabolized differently in the body. If we remove carbohydrates from our diet and replace them with healthy fats, we consume even more calories than before, but are still loosing weight.
Our tips:
- Avoid sugar, processed carbohydrates and carbohydrates in general,
- Emphasis should be on food rich in healthy fats,
- When you eat, eat until full.

Mistake #2:           AVOIDING FAT
»Fat will make you fat«. FORGET ABOUT IT! You will not get fat if you eat fat. The same goes for saturated fat, such as butter, coconut oil or animal fat. However, you do need to be careful to not combine it with carbohydrates. The exceptions are vegetable oils and margarine. It's the carbohydrates that will make you fat!
Our tips:
- Avoid carbohydrates,
- Don’t be afraid of fat and enjoy whole eggs, oily fish, fatty cuts of meat, avocado… perfectly care free...

No, this is ANOTHER FALSE ADVICE. You can not fix effects of bad eating habits with exercise. Of course, exercise is important for our body and health, but if compared with diet, the latter has a significantly greater effect on body shape.
Our tips:
- Never choose just exercise or just proper nutrition, but always combine them both,
- Be physically active at least two to three times a week.

Sugar is associated with numerous health problems. Removing sugar from your diet is already a big achievement, but to be really successful in eliminating excess body fat, you will need to go the extra mile, since all other carbohydrates are converted into basic sugar molecules in the process of digestion. Consequently, the blood sugar level rises and your pancreas secretes insulin, which sends one part of the sugar into glycogen reserves, and the remaining part into excess body fat.
Our tips:
- Remove sugar from your diet,
- Reduce carbohydrate intake to a minimum / choose vegetables as carbohydrate source.
Mistake #5:           CHEAT DAYS
Am I allowed to have a cheat day? Yes.  
But is this OK for my weight loss goal? Absolutely not! And neither is this healthy for your health.
The goal of changing your diet is to make the new diet part of your normal, daily diet. Every time you cheat and eat food full of sugar and carbohydrates, you move away from your goal. In addition, the body’s reaction to cheating will be, that it will crave for even more unhealthy food.