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Find us at Hofer stores all over Austria!

Find us at Hofer stores all over Austria!

In Hofer stores across Austria, from 04.01.2020 there will be a special offer of our products, which are suitable for all active individuals who want quality sports nutrition at great prices.

By: Tamara Omerzel

Category: Events


Products featured in this special offer:

- Proteini.si Protein Donut

- Proteini.si Protein Bar

- Battery Protein Bomb

- Proteini.si 100% Pure Creatine

- Proteini.si Natural BCAA

- Proteini.si Peanut Butter

- Proteini.si Vitamins, Minerals & Omega-3


You can read more about the products HERE.

The offer is valid until stock lasts, so don't miss out on the special offer!