Recreation and outdoor

Recreation and outdoor


Nothing can beat a wonderful vista from the mountaintop. Unless your legs get too heavy and tired along the way. Your hiking step will stay light if you support your body with everything it needs. When it comes to hiking, energy supply is of utmost importance, so fuel your reserves with food high in energy before embarking on a hike. Our top recommendation is high carb food.


Mountain running

Breathe in, breathe out ... And let’s go. Mountain running demands a lot more than running skills from you. Power, speed, balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance. You will need all of that at every step on your mountain running trail. With such a demanding activity that puts the whole body to the test, it is especially challenging to stay focused and concentrated on every step. Energy support for the body in the form of sports nutrition, dietary supplements and drinks is extremely important so that your activity can remain highly intense and, above all, safe.



We know that you set high goals for yourself. So that you can climb higher, farther and faster, you must constantly maintain peak physical strength, and at the same time be careful to keep your energy level high. Depleting glycogen stores causes your strength to decline after a long climb. A strategic diet is therefore of utmost importance if you want to successfully climb to your set goals.


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