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It may seem that scoring a goal is the only point of this game, but without quality dietary support, you will quickly score an own goal health-wise. Football is a combination sport that requires endurance, power and speed. So, all energy consumers must be considered when planning a good diet. You must also include training intensity, training duration, training cycle (preparation, competition, recreational) and specific features of the individual in the dietary plan.



To realize your full basketball potential, you must make sure that your diet is “nothing but net”. Basketball is a complex sport that consists of numerous explosive moves. You will provide optimal support to your power, endurance and explosiveness with a balanced diet, full of carbohydrates and proteins.



Speed. Agility. Endurance. All of these are the qualities you need to play handball at a high level. Similar to other ball games with breaks, handball is characterized by a high rhythm of play that requires a lot of energy. At the same time, handball requires the ability to repeat intense moves, which demands a specific type of endurance.



Higher. Stronger. More accurate. Volleyball is a demanding sport that requires a complex combination of athletic abilities from the player. From speed, explosiveness, agility, power and concentration to physical endurance. A match can last from one to several hours if five sets are played.



Before you put on your skates and swing your stick the next time, think about what can be improved in your hockey diet. Even if you already pay a lot attention to your diet, there is always room for improvement when it comes to sports nutrition.


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