Before you put on your skates and swing your stick the next time, think about what can be improved in your hockey diet. Even if you already pay a lot attention to your diet, there is always room for improvement when it comes to sports nutrition. Many results depend on it: optimal utilization of training, accelerated regeneration after activity, maintaining an ideal body weight, mental balance, prevention of exhaustion and illness, self-confidence and the ability to maintain top fitness level. The fast and dynamic pace of hockey requires a combination of strength, explosiveness and muscle endurance, which you can support by using certain dietary supplements such as proteins, creatine, caffeine, argan, beta-alanine and vitamin d. The latter is necessary for optimal health and proper functioning of the organism during the winter months, when there is less exposure to natural sunlight. To be able to withstand such extreme exertion, ensure an adequate energy intake in the form of carbohydrates and adequate hydration during training. You can replenish your energy with energy drinks, gels and bars. Use high-quality isotonic drinks for optimal hydration. Everything you need to support your hockey diet can be found in the product range.
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now-gaba-750mg-200-veg-capsNOW FoodsNOW GABA, 750mg, 200 veg. caps
24,99 €
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nutrend-bcaa-energy-drink-pet-8x330mlNutrendNUTREND BCAA ENERGY DRINK (PET), 8x330ml
13,99 €
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2 packings | 4 tastesQuick purchase
nutrend-bcaa-energy-drink-pet-330mlNutrendNUTREND BCAA ENERGY DRINK (PET), 330ml
1,89 €
2 packings | 4 tastesQuick purchase
usn-hardcore-whey-gh-2000gUSNUSN HARDCORE WHEY gH, 2000g
41,99 €
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battery-whey-protein-natural-1800gBattery NutritionBATTERY WHEY PROTEIN NATURAL, 1800g
43,99 €
3 packingsQuick purchase
vast-total-amino-eaa-30-servingsVAST SportsVAST TOTAL AMINO EAA+, 30 servings
29,99 €
6 tastesQuick purchase
vast-creatine-ultra-pure-300gVAST SportsVAST CREATINE ULTRA PURE, 300g
26,99 €
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vast-creatine-creapure-300gVAST SportsVAST CREATINE CREAPURE, 300g
29,99 €
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vast-pro-whey-900gVAST SportsVAST PRO WHEY, 900g
34,99 €
1 packing | 4 tastesQuick purchase
battery-whey-protein-1800gBattery NutritionBATTERY WHEY PROTEIN, 1800g
42,99 €
5 packaging | 16 tastesQuick purchase
usn-whey-premium-protein-2000gUSNUSN WHEY+ PREMIUM PROTEIN, 2000g
54,99 €49,49 €
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1 packing | 4 tastesQuick purchase
nutrend-whey-core-900gNutrendNUTREND WHEY CORE, 900g
25,99 €
2 packings | 4 tastesQuick purchase
nutrend-whey-core-1800gNutrendNUTREND WHEY CORE, 1800g
45,99 €
2 packings | 4 tastesQuick purchase
proteini-si-energy-recovery-shake-320gProteini.siPROTEINI.SI ENERGY+ RECOVERY SHAKE, 320g
11,99 €
1 tasteQuick purchase
scitec-100-whey-protein-professional-1000gScitec NutritionSCITEC 100% WHEY PROTEIN PROFESSIONAL, 1000g
29,99 €
4 packings | 10 tastesQuick purchase
scitec-iso-whey-clear-1025gScitec NutritionSCITEC ISO WHEY CLEAR, 1025g
49,99 €
1 packing | 3 tastesQuick purchase
naughty-boy-illmatic-burn-435gNaughty BoyNAUGHTY BOY ILLMATIC BURN, 435g
39,99 €
1 tasteQuick purchase
dedicated-epic-425gDedicated NutritionDEDICATED EPIC, 425g
34,99 €
3 tastesQuick purchase
cellucor-cor-performance-creatine-306gCellucorCELLUCOR COR PERFORMANCE CREATINE, 306g
29,99 €
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ironmaxx-100-casein-protein-400gIronMaxxIRONMAXX 100% CASEIN PROTEIN, 400g
17,99 €
1 packing | 2 tastesQuick purchase
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