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The market of protein bars is huge and people often do not know which one to choose or they pick the wrong one. As a result, they often complain that they have eliminated all sweets from their diet and that they only eat protein bars, however they are still gaining weight. After we talk about it, we quickly find out that the reason for the problem is the fact that they are actually eating energy bars and not protein bars, so they consume quite a lot of sugar and calories.

Energy bars, as the name suggests, give us energy and are very high calorie. They have quite a bit of sugar, deriving from high proportion of carbs, and are therefore high calorie snack. It's nothing wrong with the high calorie bars, they just need to be included in our diet when we are physically active. Let's say we go on a longer mountainbike tour or we perform any activity that requires a lot of energy... In this case energy bars are a great source of energy that we need for our activity. They are not heavy on the stomack, and therefore represent a perfect snack during the activity, providing a high level of energy.


The table shows the higher energy value of the bar due to the higher proportion of carbohydrates and sugar. There is very little protein and fiber in an energy bar.

In contrast to the previous case, energy bars are not the most optimal snack for a person who spends for example most of the day sitting. The daily energy consumption of this person is much lower, therefore it is not wise for her or him to consume energy bars that contain a lot of sugar and consequently a lot of calories. A snack that includes protein bar is much more recommended for such individual. Protein bars have a higher protein content and a lower sugar content – but are no less delicious than energy bars, as they are usually sweetened with sweeteners. Due to their composition, they are less caloric and therefore more optimal as a substitute for a snack or dessert.


The table shows the lower energy value of the protein bar compared to the energy bar, a lower percentage of carbohydrates and sugars, and a much higher precentage of protein and fibre. The composition of protein bar is, compared to the energy bar, more similar to the composition of a normal balanced meal, so the protein bar is more suitable as a meal replacement. The bar is to be considered protein if it contains at least 20g of protein per 100g.

When you are buying snack bars you need to be careful which one you choose, as the label "protein bar" can also appear on the packaging of energy bars. You might think that you have bought a high protein bar, but that is not the case.

When buying a snack bar, it is important to choose the one that corresponds to your energy needs. It is a good idea to check the declarations (nutritional information on the packaging) first and then select the right one for you.



Author: Kaja Kaligaro

Category: Doctor's advice

Published: 12.05.2021 09:44

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