Finally, the right beer for after your workout!

finally-the-right-beer-for-after-your-workout team proudly presents their FIRST PROTEIN BEER. Finally, we shall satisfy both, sports enthusiasts and beer lovers at the same time, which was not possible until now, at least not without at least a tiny sense of guilt. From now on these problems are history, as you will be able to enjoy the pleasant taste of a cold lager after your workout, without feeling guilty about it.

PROTEINI.SI present their 1st PROTEIN BEER on the market!

We are very proud to present our first protein beer, which we have been waiting for a long time, and finally get to taste it. We are very pleased to be able to satisfy both, sports enthusiasts and beer lovers at the same time.

We understand that you can hardly wait to see the nutritional value of our beer, so let’s not delay any longer, here it is:



  • as much as 21g PROTEIN
  • 3,6% ALCOHOL, which is comparable to classic beers
  • only 3,3g CARBOHYDRATES
  • of which only 1,68g SUGAR
  • and less than 100kcal

Pivo_blog.jpgProtein beer is a great alternative for all beer lovers. You can enjoy it immediately after your workout, without feeling guilty about it. Because of its high protein content, it will feed your tired muscles, and will take care of muscle recovery. And don’t worry about the content of carbohydrates and sugar in the beer, as the quantities are only negligible and will only replenish the empty glycogen reserves.

Protein beer is also an excellent choice for the summer dayswhen you want to refresh yourself and the cold beer would be the perfect choice for it, as well as an excellent choice for your healthy lifestyle.

Just enjoy it!

berr6pack.jpg The product is not intended for minors. Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health.


Author: Tjaša Tavčar

Category: News

Published: 02.08.2018 09:05

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