Pomegranate for a healthy everyday

In autumn and wintertime, when we are more exposed to the cold, it is especially advisable to include pomegranate on your menu. This fruit of a particular flavour is loaded with vitamins that can prevent from various diseases, and is also recommended with fever, or to help you relieve cough or asthma. Therefore, this time, we have prepared for you this delicious pomegranate treat. Served in a glass.

- 2 tbsp spelt flakes
- 4 tbsp Greek yogurt
- 1 scoop Whey Gold Isolate, French Vanilla
- ½ banana
- 1 tbsp soaked chia seeds
- seeds from ½ pomegranate 

Take a medium sized glass and first pour spelt flakes in, then add 2 tbsp of Greek yogurt mixed with protein, continue with a layer of sliced banana, then add another layer of yogurt and protein mix, continue with soaked chia seeds, and another layer of yogurt and protein mix. At the end, sprinkle on pomegranate seeds and serve.
Bon appétit!


Author: Nina Valant

Category: Recipes

Published: 03.12.2015 12:46

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