An Insight into the Making of Protein Shakes

Many people are still suspicious of protein powder and protein shakes, perhaps due to larger packaging. That is why we will now reveal what they are really made from.

Protein powder, or simply protein, as it is commonly known, is the most talked-about, and one of the most controversial dietary supplements. The manufacturers of sports nutrition say that most people still believe that these substances are mainly used by individuals who want to create as muscular a body as possible.
But the truth is somewhat different, so it's good to know what protein powders are, how they are made and who they are meant for. Protein powders are one of the many foodstuffs present in different ingredients so they can easily be introduced to one`s menu. Among the most recognizable are the ones that are made based on soy, casein and whey. The latter is, without a doubt, the most popular and widespread among the users.
Given the fact that many people do not want to try such products, because they believe that they are made of artificial and unhealthy substances, we have chosen to show, in this very video, how protein powder is formed. It`s basis, as a matter of fact, consists of a completely natural ingredient.

From Milk to Protein Powder

The production starts with the cow, which provides us with milk, our primary ingredient. In the first phase of the process, the milk is collected, cooled down to 4 degrees Celsius and transported to cheese dairies. At the next phase, the milk has to be pasteurized in order to get rid of the bacteria harmful to the organism. The phase following, is the process of the production of cheese products, their by-product being whey in liquid form.
All that whey is then collected and diverted to the next process, in which, with the help of various modes of filtration, whey is finally separated from other substances. The quality of the final product depends on the chosen method of whey separation from other materials.
When the matter is processed, or when we get the whey protein isolate, the drying process begins, which drains all the water. This process finally gives us whey in powdered form.
This whey is then added various other substances in the processing stage.
That is how we are provided with a variety of flavors to satisfy even the choosiest individuals. At the end, the product is flat-packed, and distributed everywhere so that it is able to buy.

Meant for Everyone

As for the use of powdered proteins experts claim that they are suitable for the general population, both for professional and recreational athletes, and those who have simply run out of time for a quality and tasty meal. This product offers a very simple, and effective, way of consuming quality protein, thus obtaining sufficient nutritional substances for the body`s well-being. Instead of wasting money on unhealthy snacks and fast food, just add other ingredients to your drink according to your own taste, and ready yourself for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Author: Miha Geršič - Popolna postava

Category: Tips

Published: 09.04.2014 00:00

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