Physical exercise is often being attributed too big of a role in the elimination of fat. If compared with diet, exercise is much less important than diet, when trying to lose weight. In fact, to lose fat and extra pounds, we don't even need to exercise. In other words - an adequate diet will gradually eliminate the excess body fat, no exercise needed. And vice versa, without changes in your diet, you can bust your ass exercising every day, but the desired results just won't come.

Now don't get me wrong about exercising. Physical activity in addition to diet can certainly be of much help during the slimming process. It is also very important from aesthetic and health point of view, since it reduces the possibility of occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, strengthens muscles, joints and bones and helps us face everyday stress.
Also, after losing weight (especially if we lose a lot) we often face with a problem of excess skin and flabby muscles. And in order to avoid or reduce this phenomenon, we need to include physical activity in our routine. After all, muscular and beautifully shaped athletic body is much more attractive than flat and flabby, won't you agree?

A logical question that follows is, what kind of exercise is most appropriate? My answer would be, whichever you prefer. Any physical activity is better than inactivity. But first and foremost, choose a sport or activity you like and enjoy. And if you decide to do it in a company of a friend, the benefit will be double. In case you haven't practiced before, a 30-minute workout 3 times a week will be just enough. With time you will gradually Increase the intensity, duration and frequency of your workouts.
If you are serious about your workout plans, we recommend you practice a combination of strength exercises (weights, fitness) and aerobic exercises (fast walking, running, cycling, stepper machine). You can do them separately, one type each day, or both on the same day, beginning with strength exercises, followed by aerobic activity. If you decide to have aerobic training only, I advise you to do it in the morning on an empty stomach, when it is most effective.

And remember, the most important factor for weight loss is an appropriate diet, backed with regular exercise and effective dietary supplements. With this combination you will certainly win

Author: Denis Muić - LCHF

Category: Tips

Published: 31.07.2017 11:40

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